Penelope is an extraordinary psychic and healer.  I called her when I was terribly stressed over an IRS audit. She not only told me that I would end up paying nothing, but she got the amount that they were looking into EXACT.  She hits the mark as well on health and romance.

When I called her a second time, she asked me who a particular person was as she kept hearing the name ... it was my mother, and her name is so unusual that I was left speechless!  She's legit, right on the mark, a straight talker, an incredible human who gives very wise advice.  I would recommend her to anyone.      

Sylvia, New York, NY
What people say about a reading with Penelope ... 

Penelope has a wonderful gift.  She has generously helped me navigate a very rocky professional landscape.  In fact, she told me my company, a large Wall Street Firm, was in trouble before it cratered. In speaking to her, she has a wonderful manner which puts you at ease.  She has the rare ability to offer comments which bear fruit...perhaps not immediately, but ultimately.  If you want help to peek over the mountain top,  Penelope is the one to turn towards.                                                                               

Bob, Westchester, NY

Just wanted to share my experience with Penelope.  She is an excellent medium.  She's helped me with so many situations in my life.  I went through a very tough time in my life emotionally.  My divorce was a life changing experience that turned my whole world upside down.  I'm struggling as a single mom. I became depressed and looked for ways to fill in the cracks.  I knew I had to be strong somehow.  A friend of mind recomended Penelope to me.  I was aprehensive to call her, but so happy I did.  She has guided me in the right direction because of her insight of what is really going on from the "big picture".  She knew so many things that no one could ever know.  She brought my loved ones to me who have crossed over. I know this was true because of some of the things she said...for example "Angel eyes" was a nickname my Grandfather called me.  She kept hearing him say it.  

Penelope helped me overcome my low self esteem.  She made me realize that I am the one who can make the change for the better.  She has guided me to the better choice of paths.  I'm so proud that I've finally gotten to this point in my life.  Now I'm ready for good things to come my way.  I am so grateful for Penelope for helping me become this new person.  I've found a new sence of Spirituality in ways I never thought possible.  Thank you Penelope!                          
Carolyn, Long Island, NY
My reading with Penelope was extraordinary.  I was completely comfortable and open to our conversation and in awe of her immediate connection to me.  She knew things that no one could ever guess in a lifetime.  Many things we discussed were in the near future so not all was clear to me but I made sure to take notes.  Weeks later everything she advised came to fruition and helped me make some very serious career and personal choices quickly.  I found Penelope to be the real thing and want to continue my readings with her as guidance in my life.      

Patti, Westfield, NJ
 I had the pleasure of being read by Penelope on Mother's Day of  2008.  My father has just passed away in March of the same year.   It was a very emotional time for myself and my family. Needless to say and I was very hopeful that I would "hear" from him.   Penelope did not let me down!   The most fascinating point of her reading was making a reference to what turned out to be an "inside joke" between my parents.  Not an easy task considering they divorced 35 years ago. Through her I laughed, I cried, and realized what I always believed ... that nothing dies if it is remembered.

She has also guided me financially and, through her, allowed me to make some wise financial decisions in this all-too-uncertain economy.  I recommend Penelope to anyone who is need of personal or professional guidance; you will not be disappointed.

Amelia, Westfield, NJ

Penelope, I've had more than a few mediumship readings over the years, but, still, you managed to BLOW MY MIND!!!   My reading with you gave me some concrete evidence that when we die, not only does our soul live on, but that it maintains an intimate connection with the souls still on Earth, keeping track of their activities, emotions, etc.  

In the messages that came through during our reading, it was clear that you were quoting my grandmother Sophie (who had passed away two years earlier).  You quoted Sophie verbatim, which is something no other medium had done for me.  I felt like I was sitting in a room with an invisible Sophie!!  Sophie spoke about a personal situation that had been weighing on my mind, and just knowing that my "peeps" on the Other Side were aware of it and were offering real guidance as to which direction I might take, was very comforting.

The messages I received from my father did me a world of good, as well.  It was clear he was aware of everything going on in my life since his passing (even mundane details), and, through you, I was reassured that it would all be okay and I needn't worry about my child, either.  The comments he made about his bodily symptoms before his death were also eerily on point.

The most impressive thing, though is that my half-brother (who had passed away unexpectedly at a young age) came through and apologized for not having put his financial house in order and the trouble that this had caused in terms of his estate and the legal battle over it.  He also described the manner of his death and his reaction to it, and it was all consistent with the one eyewitness account I had heard.  Finally, he told me, through you, the exact amount of a loan that had been made to me by a family member, which is something so out of left field (and so accurate) that it served as complete validation of your connection to spirit.  Case closed!    

S.E., Great Neck, NY
Penelope is an excellent medium. I originally went to see Penelope for a spiritual healing. What I received was so much more.  I physically felt better after she helped me rid myself of negative energy I wasn't even aware I was holding onto. Penelope also helped me to realize how I was holding myself back in my career and gave me insight into my future. In the same sitting, Penelope connected me with my family members who have passed on. She is extremely accurate with her communication with spirit from the other side. 

I have seen Penelope on different occasions and she has never disappointed me. Penelope is very wise, helpful and caring. She is truly a beautiful person inside and out. I highly recommend her to anyone in need of spiritual help.   

Danielle, Long Island, NY
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 When I spoke with Penelope, she immediately identified a problem of a deeply personal, emotional nature that I had been struggling with.  This despite the fact that I hadn't told anyone (not a single soul) about this issue.  She also accurately assisted me with matters of a practical nature.  For instance, she said she heard the words spoken that I needed to "change my car."  But because the image she saw was of my tires, she interpreted this to mean I might need to have my tires checked.  If you think about it, the words "tire" and "car" could really sound alike - especially if spoken to you from worlds away.  My car has about 35,000 miles on it and I thought I took good care of my tires as I religiously have them rotated every 5,000 miles.  The reading was on a Saturday but it wasn't until the following Tuesday that I finally got around to going to Town Fair and asking one of the guys there to have a look at my tires.  He told me they were so bald as to be "borderline illegal" and that I could have had a dangerous blowout.  I immediately bought new tires.  Another guy who worked there told me that after they removed my tires they also discovered they had dry rot.  The best part about it was telling these guys that the only reason I had my tires checked was because a psychic had sent me!  I'm not sure if they thought I was joking or not.  

Colleen, New Haven, CT

By maxietoo on 07/19/2010 at 12:58pm 

"... After reading this article and the comments, I had a reading by Penelope. She was fantastic. She answered questions I wanted to ask but dared not. Her price for a phone reading was reasonable. She is warm, friendly and down to earth. I loved her! "
I have been 'read' by many psychics & mediums and I have to say that Penelope is not only the 'real deal' but went above and beyond my expectations.  She is truly a healer and makes sure you understand what is being said to you and why.  Her information is accurate and her interpretations are on the money!  She has NO PERSONAL AGENDA besides helping her clients move forward in their lives with joy.  This is super refreshing.

She told me that my "family pushed through" into another person's reading before me and Penelope knew that the information she was getting was for me and not the other client.  I told her that sounds like my family!  There were small details that no one could have known about my childhood ( that I even forgot about!) as well as my present situation that were revealed with honesty and empathy.  Her understanding of Spirituality and energy definitely made the reading easy to understand and she made sure I did before we got off the phone!  I feel like a weight has been lifted from me because she not only confirmed what I intuitively believed, but guided me as to what to DO about it.  I feel so much happier and better  having received the messages that came through her. It was the  "Spiritual Second Opinion" that I really needed, because I was so full of doubt.  Now I feel I have the road map I was looking for and the ability to move forward with more lightness and joy. THANK YOU PENELOPE!       
I contacted Penelope by word-of-mouth referral and was at first skeptical of having a reading over the phone. As soon as she began speaking, any doubts I had were put to rest. She knew exactly what was going on in my life and got right to the root of things. She gave me so many valuable suggestions on how to grow and improve my life on a continuous basis. This information is priceless and will stay with me for a very long time. She also would not let me go until she was sure I understood everything we discussed - so caring! I felt lighter and at ease immediately after the reading. Penelope was a tremendous help and I am truly grateful to have had the opportunity for a reading with her.       

Marion, New York, NY
My reading with Penelope was a wonderful experience.  She is incredibly honest and ethical.  She was patient and caring in her reading.  Other mediums I have met with are very strict and firm with the time given.  Penelope made me feel like she was a friend -- there until I felt I had my questions answered and good guidance as to where I go.  She hit on some things that really resonated with me, and I am hopeful that her predictions for the future are accurate.  I look forward to my next reading!

 G.H.  Long Island, NY
If you are a NON-Believer, that will all change after talking to Penelope!!  From the minute Penelope spoke, it's as if she REALLY knew me and what was going on in my life!  Yet we never met, and it was over the phone!!  She was like a flashlight, disclosing things in my life that only I would know.  She then helps you bring clarity and direction.  Penelope, with the help of her spirit guide, puts things into perspective, and personally, helped me pick myself up after losing my Dad.  She told me of a childhood memory that only my Dad and I experienced together, how did she know that?  And that memory is what makes me feel like there IS an afterlife and clearly a connection to the other side, and I am so grateful Penelope was the vessel to helping me find peace.  After hanging up the phone with her I called my 2 best girlfriends, who then immediately set up their sessions. Thank you Penelope, my life has been changing for the better with your help.

Kathy, New York, NY  
Thank you Penelope for your Mediumship/Healing sessions.  As soon as we began, I felt the tremendous heat from your hands which immediately relieved the muscle spasm in my leg.  Your ability to hear names and see situations both past and present is not only confirming but also has helped put things into proper perspective and given me direction.  Thank you and keep up the wonderful work!                                                                                                                                             
Denise Jordan, Whitestone, NY -  Astrologer
Penelope, just wanted to thank you for a life changing experience. After talking to you, I see things a lot more clearly and took your advice and got to "stepping".  I put the wheels in motion and STOPPED dragging my feet. My thought process is very different. You are truly a wonderful person, incredibly special. I feel very positive and it's all thanks to you! MUAH!!                 

Lynn, Long Island,  NY
I can't thank you enough, Penelope, for the conversation we had.  I felt so much more positive about life in general, about taking productive steps per your advice, and about the things you told me about the future.  Even if nothing were to have materialized, I would still have considered it an incredibly valuable conversation as it gave me more insight into myself.   Things that you mentioned have already started to materialize.  I currently live and work in LA in something completely unrelated to finance, however you said I would be getting a job in finance - specifically a private equity firm in midtown Manhattan.  You even mentioned the N/R train.  You also said I would be making more money than I am now and would no longer have to be worried about money.  You said someone in a nice suit - possibly with embroidered cufflinks - would approach me in November and offer me a promotion.  You said I would have more clarity on the job in the next couple of weeks.  

I just spoke with a friend of mine, who sells custom made suits.  She said a friend of hers who works at a private equity firm is looking for someone to fill a position, at almost twice the rate I am making now.  She also said that at the firm people tend to order a lot of customized suits with embroidered initials on the sleeves.  Literally two days later I had an interview, and they told me I would be in the midtown office, and it’s off the N/R train.  I just wanted to thank you for being such a warm and wonderful person to talk to, and also for the added bonus of having a lot of insight on specific things happening in my life!  I'm so excited about this new possibility.                                                                                                                                                                
Emily, Los Angeles, CA
"In September, I had my first reading with Penelope.  She described my emotions, thought process, and situation to a tee.  She told me that in April (which was 7 months away at that point),  I would meet a man by the name of Wayne.  She told me to stop worrying about old boyfriends, past relationships, etc.  She said Wayne was a gentleman and he was coming for me.  Sure enough in April, Wayne came and he is definitely everything Penelope said he would be!  :)  She has been right about everything else too.  Just last month when my brother told me he had a friend that he wanted to set me up with and his name was Wayne, I nearly fell out of my chair and dropped my drink.  My arms were covered in goosebumps.  I cannot thank Penelope enough for her wisdom, thoughtfulness, gentle conversations, and accuracy.  She is the REAL DEAL and I have had nothing but positive interactions with her.  I look forward to many more readings with Penelope."  

Anne, Scottsdale, AZ
Penelope is an extraordinary person with an extraordinary gift and her ability to help me realize my true self has been remarkable!  I visited Penelope for a healing session after my first miscarriage in October of 2008.   The session left me with an amazing feeling and tremendous comfort.  I realized that I may not change the past, but there were some definite things I needed to address for the future.  I had so many things to learn. 

She introduced me to Dr. Wayne Dwyer and at home I began to practice meditation.  This helped me focus my thoughts and desires and gave me the strength to heal.  Although, I went on to have another miscarriage in February I knew I was on a journey.  

I went back to Penelope as she helps me to find comfort in knowing that I deserve to have a child and the time will come. This session happened to be a particularly emotional one.  It is my father’s mother (my grandmother) who comes through during my healing sessions.  A strong, brave, caring, and truly important person she always exhibited the strength I wish I had.  Through Penelope I realized I do have that strength.  There were many poignant moments in that session.  Penelope asked me if I had chosen the names for my children.  My husband and I have had names picked out for quite awhile.  Penelope came up with the name we had chosen for our first boy.  She said that she could hear the baby calling out, mommy, mommy.   Remarkable!  She also said that my grandmother was telling her that we planned to include her in some way in the name.  That was also true.  The real tear -jerker was when she said that she could see my grandmother holding the baby.  

At that session she continued to mention the number 56 and linked it to days, but told me not to harp on it but place it in the back of my mind.  Of course I kept it in the back of my mind. I was wondering what significance it may hold.  In June of 2009 I had another IVF retrieval and transfer and it was a true moment of clarity when I was told that I would find out the results on July 6th, exactly 56 days from my healing session with Penelope.  That was the day I found out I was pregnant and with that I remembered back to that first healing session when Penelope said, “I am getting June.  You will either conceive in June or have your baby in June.”  Well our baby was conceived on June 21, 2009, Father’s Day!  This baby has not yet made it into the world, but I have great hope for this little peanut.  I cannot say the journey has been easy, but I have learned a tremendous amount from Penelope and know that this child is a gift from God, one that I deserve and will treasure forever.  

Diane, Islip, New York, NY

I've been to other so-called psychics before and it has been a bad experience. When I found Penelope, my view changed. From the moment we spoke, I knew she was "the real deal."  With keen insight, she gave me guidance and armed me with knowledge to help me with my life. Everything she said would happen did, without fail. I recommend her to everyone I know because I know Penelope can help anyone. She is magical. 

Rachel K., New York, NY
" Hi Penelope. I had a phone session with you last April. I just wanted to thank you and update you on what has taken place since then. I was absolutely miserable with my job situation at the time, and was starting to break down emotionally and physically. You told me in April that in around 8 to 10 weeks, maybe late June, I would be getting a new job. You said I would meet someone in a social setting who would forward my resume along and the job would just "fall into place." I didn't believe it. To my surprise, I got a call on May 30th from [REDACTED FOR PRIVACY], saying they had received my resume from an acquaintance I met at a social occasion last August. They had been holding on to my resume for nine months, and said that a position just opened up. I ended up going on three interviews throughout the month of June, and on July 3rd, I received an offer to work on the production team for [REDACTED] with [REDACTED].

I just finished my first week on the job, and I can now say that I love going to work in the morning. Not only did I get a new job, I got THE job I had always dreamed of. In April, I was ready to quit my retail job and move back in with my parents to pursue a master's degree in journalism. You told me to hang in there, and that change was just around the corner. I am so glad that I did.  The most important lesson I have learned from you is to have faith and be open to change... You truly have a gift, and I cannot thank you enough for all of your guidance."  

E.J., New York, NY