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Psychic, Medium & Spiritual Life Coach

With a compassionate heart and a keen intuition, I invite you to embark on a journey whether you seek clarity in times of uncertainty, closure from the past, or guidance for the future, I offer a sanctuary of healing and enlightenment.


How readings work

In order to meet the expectations of my clients, I feel it is important for you to understand the style of mediumship I practice. Here's what you can expect during a general reading session.

First and foremost, as a medium, I act as the middle person between the client and the other side. The purpose of each session is to create a clearing space of healing allowing each person to move forward in their life with ease. I often like to clarify that I am not a psychic who offers mostly predictions, though predictions are often presented during our session. 

Prior to your session I spend a minimum of 30 minutes meditating. It is during this meditation time that I hear, see and feel the information intended for my client. The information received is often from family members who have passed or other spiritual guides.  

To start our session, I will go over the information given to me in my notes. Sometimes the information is focused on the past, present, or future but always with the intent of assisting you on your path.

1 Hour Session - $150

​1/2 Hour Session - $75


She told me that in April (which was 7 months away at that point),  I would meet a man by the name of Wayne.  She told me to stop worrying about old boyfriends, past relationships, etc.  She said Wayne was a gentleman and he was coming for me.  Sure enough in April, Wayne came and he is definitely everything Penelope said he would be!

I cannot thank Penelope enough for her wisdom, thoughtfulness, gentle conversations, and accuracy.  She is the REAL DEAL and I have had nothing but positive interactions with her.  I look forward to many more readings with Penelope.

Anne, Scottsdale, AZ

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"Penelope was fantastic. She answered questions I wanted to ask but dared not. She is warm, friendly, and down to earth. I loved her."

New York Magazine

Contact Me & Request a Consultation

Appointments are available by phone, including international sessions. Please use this form to request a consultation and I will get back to you as soon as possible. I also love testimonials, so feel free to share one here or email me directly!

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